Fashion: Start Your Private Label. How to launch your own clothing line.

Lilian Lemaire

Are you into fashion? Are you being told that you should?
What is stopping you from getting started in the fashion industry? Read this article to find out how to start your private label. Follow the links for more information and get one step closer to launching your own clothing line.

To create a clothing line is a question of imagination, it’s all about you: what fabrics, colours, cut and generally the style you like.
On the other hand, successfully launching a clothing line means it has been created, made available to the final consumer,,, and ideally they like your style.

When there’s a buzz, when a new brand of clothes is welcomed by a large public, purchased and spoken about, it can decently be said that the fashion line has been successfully launched.

For a fashion line to be successful when launched, you need to have thoroughly prepared the launch.

I like the term „to launch a clothing line” because it sounds very similar to launching a rocket in the sky:
You calculate a number of factors long in advance, create the rocket and then launch it.
At the time of launching, one do not have any guarantees of anything.

You can only hope that all the hard work of organizing the distribution, the marketing will translate in sales.

Hope? No, Preparation!

Preparation is certainly a keyword.
The idea, in my mind, is to do as much as possible before the launch of the clothing line: market research, partners’ research, networking, and advertising.

We all tend to be optimistic about the figures, we think that the sales will come easy and we underestimate the costs related to the sales.

All successful clothing lines have been launched by business people who know:
– How to create an event
– How to convince potential distributors
– How to give life to the fashion line with a story
– How to keep the clothing line in the stores
– How to satisfy new and returning customers with new styles of clothes.

When you launch your own fashion line, your personality matters, some will start small, some big.

Some will have their risk based on research, some on their gut feelings.
It’s important to know yourself and your market so that harmony can establish.
Start a clothing line! It might be the best time of your life; it can also be very challenging and rewarding.

To all the ones planning to play a part in fashion and the clothing industry, I would like to wish good luck and remind them that the road to success can be a long one.
Your determination will matter.

How to launch a fashion line – Addendum dated 8th December 2008

I suggest that you start by creating your Ltd Company, register your Brand with the local authorities and purchase the matching domain name even if you don’t rely on on-line sales to distribute.
Research your market; find ways to reach your targeted audience. See how you can place your brand in shops.
Do you know someone famous? Associate this person to your business.

Get some samples made, make a list of the changes to be made when mass-producing.
Finally, get a small run delivered to you and communicate on it. Keep in touch with your clothing manufacturer so that you are aware of the right timing to re-new your stock.

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