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Artistic inspiration can come from an infinite number of places, it could be a special place, a special person or a driving emotion. Find out what inspired this artists and led them to greatness. 

One of the best reasons for finding a new residence may be art. There are many out there that would love to be around fellow artists, as they find inspiration from the surrounding art galleries and in their peers. Perhaps one of these inspirational gems can become your reasons for moving. Here is a list of the world’s most famous paintings.

. The Sistine Chapel, has a design that is the creation of many of history’s well-known artists, the most famous being Michelangelo. Mostly consisting of biblically inspired work, the Sistine Chapel remains one of the Western hemisphere’s finest jewels. Thanks to his inspirational work, this gorgeous venue has become a highly visited and coveted art gallery.

.While he did not enjoy much success throughout his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh did manage to impact the artistic world after his death. The painting “The Starry Night” has been in possession of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1941 and has been the inspiration to many famous songs and literature. It’s one of his most renowned creations which is still replicated and sought after today.

. Famously known for his obsession with women and love, most experts believe that Klimt utilized that as inspiration for this celebrated painting. The infamous “The Kiss”, was constructed by artist Gustav Klimt. This gorgeous creation displays the power of two lovers inter-wined and sharing a passionate kiss.

.Sadly, some of the world’s most known and beautiful pieces of art usually draw from individual hurt. The Scream, was inspired by the maker’s own angst, the painting reflects the human suffrage in its deepest form. It was created by Norwegian painter and print maker Edvard Munch. The prominent painting has also been the unfortunate target of many high-profile thefts.

.You can’t mention art, without discussing the smile that has been captivating its audience for centuries – the Mona Lisa. While some can debate as to whether or not it is the most famous painting in history, absolutely no one can argue that it is the most impactful portrait ever created. Painted by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, the iconic image is currently owned by the French government.

Pack those brushes, your easel, and some paint and contact those professional movers. While most of these amazing paintings are held in parts of Europe and New York City, there are numerous other locations you can visit or move to in order to enjoy wonderful art. It’s time you discover your own inspiration.

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