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Do you know the language of your custom posters? Do you know how your different design elements for custom poster printing combine into one coherent and influential color poster?

If you do not know these things and think that custom posters are just beautiful prints, then you have still a lot to learn in creating posters. Let me teach you precisely how the different elements of your poster design speak to your viewers by explaining to you their own unique language and their significance one by one.

  • Images and meaning – First up, we have the language of your images in your custom posters. The main thing that images contribute in your posters is meaning. People are visual by nature and when we see images, we ask what the meaning of this is? Alternatively, what is the story? This is just our simple drive to understand things, and when we see images in color posters, we always strive to find meaning in them.

That is why you must pick your images quite precisely when it comes. You must not pick anything that is only pretty but you must also choose them deliberately so that it projects the right meaning to people. So choose your images wisely and purposefully.

  • Words and concepts – Another element with its own type of language and communication style of course are the words in your poster. Words contribute the important concepts. They set the boundaries of the meanings and symbols in your posters. By telling people it is about savings or discounts for example, you set that it is about saving money and not getting things free. You can also specify something like joy instead of pleasure, refining the difference between those concepts.

Therefore, words are very important because they specify your poster messages accurately. If your images are a little ambiguous and can have double meanings, then the words should clarify that with the important concept involved. That is why you should choose your words carefully. Do not just gloss it over.

  • Colors and emotions – Deciding on the color theme in color poster printing is like setting the language of emotion. Colors convey emotions of course. Bright colors like yellow and orange connotes high energy, happiness and dynamism. Cool colors like blue and green convey calmness, peace and serenity. Red colors of course convey intensity, love or even rage, while greys, whites and blacks imply simplicity, neutrality and emptiness. Therefore, as you can see, you should not just choose colors because they are your favourite for your color posters. You must choose the color that best conveys the correct feeling on people. The color effect is subtle, but it does contribute to the overall look of your custom posters. So be aware of them and be purposeful in your choice of color theme.
  • Material and quality – Finally, we have the material. The paper and the inks of your poster printing will of course project the language of quality in your work. Thin and rough paper materials will make the poster flimsy and cheap. Thick and glossy materials on the other hand will make them look more professional and impressive. So be prepared for the consequences of your choice of materials. They will shape the quality, painting an added impression on readers.

Therefore, those are the different elements in poster printing and their specific language of communication for readers. It is good to be aware of these things so that you can choose your design and printing elements properly for a purpose.


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